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This type of stitch is very helpful when locking panels together. To make them look more durable th ...more
With this machine we can create an elastic stitching pattern to lock the edges of any type of fabri ...more
This is the most common stitch in order to stitch two or more layers of fabrics together. The machin ...more
Applique Embroidery is an embroidery type in which a piece of fabric is going to be tacked on the fa ...more
To really play with printing effects, silicone foam print is one of the must have techniques in your ...more
HD Rubber print is a great way to make solid 3D prints. Using this method a print ca ...more
Discharge print is the best way to print light colors on a dark background fabric without making the ...more
Water based screen printing is a type of textile printing ink. The dye agent in use is the same as f ...more
Plastisol ink is a type of textile printing ink. Plastisol is the most common way to print all kinds ...more
3D embroidery is a version of common satin embroidery which is stitched on a layer of EVA foam. The ...more

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